That’s me on the left and my sister’s boyfriend Bill on the right. (Bill and Judy started following the plan, too, after they saw me on a holiday Skype call in December 2012)!

My name is Bill Pratt. I’ve been overweight all of my adult life. I tried every fad diet and new theory for 30 years but not until I learned how many calories my body was burning each day and then started eating fewer than that did I lose nearly 150 lbs.

There are other things to consider but unless you are eating fewer calories than your body burns you are wasting your time. I know, because I tried lots of diets without significant and lasting success for decades. There are a lot of interesting theories, but ultimately they were nothing more than a distraction that sabotaged my goal of weight loss.

I am going to use this site to tell you — step by step — how I lost the weight, and what I am doing to KEEP it off. I will share the success stories of others who have followed this process.

In addition to the first simple process, I also plan to link to other great articles that enter my inbox about strategies for losing weight and getting healthy.

I AM GLAD YOU ARE HERE! Let’s get started…

So many friends have asked me how I was losing so much weight over the last two years, I finally put the simple process into an email that had links to four life-changing websites. It’s not a lot of reading. One is an article on the scientist that ‘turned on the light bulb’ for me. Then there are two sites with calorie calculators on them (choose one or the other). And there is a link to a web site where I track my daily food intake.

To get this website started, I copied that email up here so that I can give friends a simple web address to get the same info. I eventually will build this web site out to include the step by step instructions, but you can get them by reading those four easy links for now. Click our How I Did It tab to read it.

Wishing you much success in your own journey. — Bill Pratt